A dispatch posting tool for regions.


Dispatcher is a project I created with the intention of stream-lining regional dispatch posting. The main issue most regions face comes down to nation sharing. NationStates moderation has warned that nation sharing can result in shared warning history and accidental deats during puppet wipes, and on top of this, region administrators may not want to share passwords to these accounts.

Dispatcher solves these issues. By posting the dispatches through the API, the users never access the same nation, preventing any nation sharing issues. In addition, any dispatch accounts you create can be shared with other users without needing to give them the nation's password. This allows you to edit who has access to the account without having to change the password everytime, decreasing the chances of a rogue player abusing nation access. On top of all of this, Dispatcher only grants access to posting and editing dispatches, preventing users from changing any other nation settings.

How to Use Dispatcher
My goal is to make dispacther as user-friendly as possible. To get started, all you need to do is create an account. When creating your account, the first thing you will need to do is verify the nation you are signing up with is yours. To do so, you'll enter your main nation (not the dispatch nation, this will be your username for the site), make sure you are logged into said nation, and then copy-paste the code shown in the NationStates window to the appropriate text-box.

Once we have verified your nation, you'll be asked to create a password. This can be whatever you want, it doesn't need to be the same as your NationStates password. You will use this later in combination with your nation name in order to access the website.

When you are logged in, if you want to set up a dispatch nation for Dispatcher, head over to the Create Dispatcher page. Here you'll need to enter the nation name and password in order to have it added to our database. Once it is added and verified, you'll be given access to it on dispatcher, and you'll also be able to start adding other people as dispatch editors. In order to add another nation, they'll need to have set-up a Dispatcher account already. If they haven't, you'll be given the option to send them a telegram instead, instructing them on creating an account. Once they set-up an account, you can try adding them again, and they'll have access to posting and editing dispatches on that nation.

If you logged in and are trying to post or edit dispatches from a Dispatcher nation, you'll head over to My Dispatchers. From here, you'll see a list of Dispatcher nations you have access to. If the nation you are trying to use isn't showing, make sure the nation's manager has added you as an editor. If you are still having issues, contact Bowzin and I will help you solve the issue.

Obviously with a tool like this, security is a major concern. As such, I have ensured the highest security for all your nation information. For starters, I will never ask for your main nation's password. I use NationStates Verification API to verify you own the nation without needing access to your password. I don't have this luxury for the dispatch nation however, as I need the password to post dispatches via the API. However, I only need the password once, which is when you add the dispatch nation to the database. Once the password is checked to make sure it is correct, it is dumped, and instead I store the auto-login key returned by NSAPI. As long as you don't change your password, I will be able to use this key to post dispatches to the nation, without needing to save the password anywhere on my server. This means at no point do I save your password for the dispatch nation nor do I have access to it.

The password you create for the website isn't stored in plain text either, although I still highly recommend using a unique password, as it is good practice. The password is stored using a hash to prevent anyone from accessing it.

If you have any concerns regarding security, I am more than happy to talk with you. In the end, though, if you do not feel safe, don't stress yourself out by using this program.